Friday, August 15, 2008

VloggerHeads first 3 weeks

The VloggerHeads (VH) video sharing community continues to grow. There are now over 400 members who have posted over 1000 videos. The site is working well with no major technical problems. New abilities are added every few days. People seem generally happy to be members of this site.

As with any group of people who come together to freely discuss issues, there have been differences of opinion on various topics. But these differences have generally been discussed in an adult civil manner. At least one member has been banned for not following the simple site rules, and that member has provided his side of the story in YouTube videos.

Today, someone created a YouTube account and posted several videos that were copied from the VloggerHeads site. Most VH members assumed that this would happen eventually, but some were surprised by this development. Some VH members posted videos on VH that they stated they would not have posted to YouTube. The effects of this VH "spy" situation are still developing, but some people have said they may remove certain of their videos from VH. Many people are wondering who the spy is, and who invited the person into the community. This matter may put a little chill into what has been a very warm community.


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