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VloggerHeads FAQ

Here are some common questions and answers about the new video sharing site for video bloggers - This is an unofficial FAQ!

Last updated: September 29, 2008

Why is the site invite only?
VH is invite only so that there is some accountability for everyone on the site. Everyone on the site has been invited by an admin, or by someone who was originally invited by an admin somewhere in the upline. If someone is banned for bad behavior, this may help to keep them from coming back on the site.

Beginning on October 1st, anyone can apply to be a member. Paul or Tom will review the application and decide if the person will be accepted as a member.

Why wasn't I invited?
The admins of VH generally aren't sending out unsolicited invitations. That means that you have to ASK THEM for an invite. Usually, if you ask them for an invite, you will get one. Or, if you have a friend who is a member, ask them for an invite.

Why is no one under 18 allowed on the site?
The admins want to encourage members to talk about all sorts of subjects. Some members may choose not to talk about certain topics in the presence of minors. The Admins want to allow adults to vlog with other adults.

How do the Admins verify identity?
Right now, they know everyone who has been invited. In the future, there has been talk of a plan to verify identity by Credit Card and/or phone number but no exact details have been decided upon. However, they have said that they are looking to a "third party" to perform the identity verification. The admins had thought about using WidgetLaboratory for ID verification but they were just banned from Ning, the platform VH is built upon. This has delayed the implementation of ID verification.

Who is allowed to invite new members?
At first, only Admins could invite new members. Since September 16th, all members may invite new members.

Can a person look around the site without being a member?
Starting on October 1st, non-members will be able to view videos marked viewable by "Anyone." Non-members will not be able to comment, or post their own videos or blogs.

Is this an "elitest" site where only certain people or certain types of people are welcome?
No. Almost everyone who has asked for an invite has received one. The email address to ask for an invite has been provided on several YouTube videos. These videos encourage people to ask for an invite. People under 18 will not be invited, as discussed above. Certain people who have made threats against the site have had their request for an invite denied, but there is an ongoing discussion in the community about persons that have been denied as to whether they should be given a chance to enter the community and demonstrate that they can follow the rules.

Is this a "nicer" site than YouTube?
People seem to be getting along well and are talking out their differences in a fairly mature manner.

Are people actually going to this new site?
Yes. There are over 900 members and well over 3700 videos on VH. The site receives 10s of thousands of hits a day.

Is this Renetto's site?
Renetto (Paul Robinett) is co-founder of VH along with 5 other YouTubers. He is a co-owner with Tom, an Admin and spokesman for the site.

Does Renetto/VH have a team of developers?
There are around 3 programmers who are modifying the PHP code from the Ning Platform that underlies VH. They are not being paid but may become employees of VH if and when a corporate entity is set up.

Are there Moderators and what do they do?
There are currently 5 moderators who are there to encourage positive interactions and to look out for problems. They do not have the ability to edit or delete content. Only admins can do that.

Is this TheTropolis?
VH is an "experiment" in "pre-alpha" testing. It may be a stepping stone to TheTropolis, which has been under discussion by several of the VH admins for well over a year. It has been said that TheTropolis would cost quite a lot of money to develop and may be at a standstill until financial issues are worked out.

Who maintains this FAQ?
This FAQ is written and maintained by me, "KennyCrane," a frequent writer on YouTube related matters. I am not a VH admin nor an insider in any way. I am a member of VH but I haven't made a video there. I do make an occasional blog post and I comment on some videos and blog posts. So far, I have enjoyed my time on VH. My goal with this blog is to report on VloggerHeads as factually and objectively and as I can.

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Thanks very much for posting this, Kenny. Appreciated.

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