Monday, September 29, 2008

VloggerHeads Opens Up!

VH is ready to take the next step to opening up the site to the world. At first, new members were allowed in by invitation of the admins only. A few weeks ago, VH allowed all members to invite new members. This resulted in about 180 new members to the site.

Now, it has been announced that starting at 9 AM Eastern time on October 1st, anyone will be able to view videos posted on VH. But non-members will not be able to comment (or post videos or blogs) and will not be able to see videos marked as "Friends Only." They will only be able to see videos viewable by "Anyone." Non-members will be able to apply for membership and their application will be reviewed and acted upon by Paul or Tom, the VH owners.

Current members of VH are being asked to review their channel to be comfortable with this new policy. Members can mark their videos as viewable by Just Me, Just Friends, or Anyone. This will control access to a member's videos.

As always, VH members are encouraged to welcome any and all new members to the site. It has been suggested that new members may make the occasional mistake, or take action that is against "VH culture" and that members should gently educate new members if they make any errors.

Two new moderators are being added to help with the new step in Opening Up the site. We continue to wish VH all the best in their wonderful vlogging experiment!

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